15 Top Tips To Clear Cache & Boost Ram On Your Android – Don’t Scream Just Clean!

All phones, in time, need some TLC.  With time and usage, the device tends to run slow, therefore needs attention. Getting a cleaner app for Android will be far easier than trying to do it manually……or that might just be me!

What is Android Cleaner Application? 
Android Cleaner app is a utility tool which helps you optimize your device quickly and simply. With a tap on a screen, your device’s junk files, useless data, and caches are deleted. As a result, it enhances your device performance. So, if you are confused and don’t know which one to get for your Android, check this list of best Android Cleaner apps to sort out.

15 Best Android Cleaner

1. Systweak Android Cleaner

systweak-android-cleaner-top-10-android-cleaner-2018 (updated)

It helps in saving battery, cleaning the cache of apps and boosting the speed of the device. It optimises the device and removes junk from it. 1-Tap Device Booster feature of this app stops background running services to release RAM & boost the overall performance of the device with just a tap. This helps in boosting battery life up to 50%.

You can also delete duplicate and redundant files with its Duplicate Files and File Explorer feature. Simply preview and delete data carefully. It runs automatically according to the schedule set by users to clean the device regularly. It has Hibernate mode to put your apps in it, which further helps in saving battery life and data on your device. Apart from these, you can also speed up any game with it, before you begin playing it. Get this app here.

2. CCleaner


It helps to remove junk from the phone. It cleans application cache, browser history, and clipboard content to release the device from clutter.

It uninstalls unwanted applications easily and free up space on the device. It has user- friendly interface and does not contain ads. It takes care of internal storage space and RAM of the device. Get this app here.

3. App Cache Cleaner


It is one of the best cleaner apps for Android Phone. It scans the files and cache occupying space in the device. The user can organize the list in ascending or descending order. It lists applications by either cache size or app name. Users can exclude any application from the cleaning process. It has 1-tap boost feature to clean up cache immediately. Get this app here.

4. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

du-speed-booster-cleaner-top-10-android-cleaner-2018 (updated)

It is a speed booster, game booster, junk file cleaner and battery saver for Android devices.

It is a trash cleaner and antivirus app that manages memory space, junk files, and battery power.  It keeps the device safe from viruses and other infections.  It helps in boosting network and increasing charging speed up to 20%. Get this app here.

5.. Clean Master (Boost&Antivirus)


It helps in clearing the app cache, history, and junk files easily which collects over time. It has a colorful and interactive interface. It does not lead to battery drainage. It offers services of app manager and anti-virus protector. It has one tap boost feature to remove the junk and speed up the Android device. Get this app here.

6. 360° Booster & Cleaner

360 booster and cleaner

Are you struggling with insufficient storage problem and frequent overheating of your phone? Has your device turned slow and sluggish? 360° Booster & Cleaner is here at the rescue. It is Android cleaner, speed booster, battery saver, all packed in a single brilliant tool.  It can remove cache, clean junk files and any residual files. This app efficiently cools down your device to augment its performance and uninstalls unused apps and games automatically. Boost your smartphone’s speed by downloading this app from here.

7. The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean


The Cleaner is one of the best android cleaner apps for an Android phone. It boosts your phone’s speed and gives you an overview of your phone’s health. It optimizes and cleans your phone’s memory. It cleans up your Android phone by removing the Cache and unnecessary files. Moreover, the game booster feature speeds up your game performance. It includes App locker to protect your privacy. It can be considered as a free junk file cleaner app. Get this app here.

8.AVG Cleaner & Battery Booster


It helps in cleaning junk files, managing apps, saving battery and reducing data usage.  It also cleans browsing history, large files, and phone call logs to speed up the device. It allows users to set customized reminders to clean device automatically. It kills unnecessary background apps and control data usage by apps. Get this app here.

9.Norton Clean


Don’t have time to clean up your Android smartphone and tired with apps that are bombarded with advertisements? Then try Norton, the best app to optimize and clean your device that automatically eliminates cache and junk files.Backed by a trusted name such as Norton, this app can help you speed up Android by uninstalling unused apps and free-up RAM and storage space by removing junk from your phone automatically. You can download this app from here.

10. Droid Optimizer


It helps in cleaning and optimizing the Android device to improve its performance. It empties the system, applications cache, and terminates background apps automatically.

It cleans up browsing history and deletes big files quickly. It carries out cleaning task automatically and also increases battery life. Get this app here.

11.All-in-One Toolbox

All-in-One Toolbox

One of the best Android phone cleaner apps, All-in-One Toolbox works as App Manager, Cleaner, and Booster. It declutters storage space by cleaning junk files and works as app cache cleaner. It speeds up the slow performance of your Android as well.  You can uninstall apps and manage your SD card. It also enhances charging speed, avoid overheating and keeps your privacy intact. Get this app here

12. Simple System Monitor

 Simple System Monitor

Simple System Monitor is a RAM cleaner which helps you to know about your RAM usage and also has an ability to clear RAM. It acts as cache cleaner. With the app, you can view total CPU usage and average frequency. You can view battery health and temperature. It consists of file browser with support for basic operations like cut, copies, and paste. It can also kill processes on Rooted devices. Get this app here

13. SD Maid (Free, $2.28 pro version)

SD Maid

A cache cleaner for Android, SD Maid will help you keep your device clean and decluttered. It also offers a set of tools to manage apps and files. It removes the residual files of uninstalled apps. You can search for the files by using filters such as name, content or date. It can also delete duplicate pictures, documents and music files seamlessly. The app is available for free as well as paid version. Get this app here

14. App Tune-Up Kit (Free)

App Tune-Up Kit

App Tune-Up Kit is a mobile cleaner app which you can evaluate the performance of your device in a few seconds. Get a detailed report of app performance in terms of CPU, GPU power, thermal and Network data. You can share the report with other via emails.It also tells you about the power consumption on your devices. Get this app here

15. Cache Cleaner Super clear cache & optimize

Cache Cleaner Super clear cache & optimize

One of the best android cleaner apps, Cache Cleaner is removes all the cache files and speeds up your device’s performance. You can clean cache in a single click. It has fastest scanning speed. It gives you reminder to clean cache in every 6 hours to keep up the performance of your device. It has an easy to use and decluttered interface. Get this app here

These performance enhancing apps will give you better experience of running your android phone. Choose the app with the best combination of features carefully for your device and free it up from clutter.



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