Professional & reliable broadband services for all sizes of businesses

Connect-it offers a wide range of connectivity solutions designed to fit every possible requirement from the small office solution to multi site solution. Starting with Business Unlimited Standard and Premium services; these offer a reliable and high speed offering of up to 8mbps for businesses not in the Next Generation Network areas.
Starting from as little as £7.45 per month (excl VAT)

We can offer you a wide range of products with different contentions

For those users covered by  Next Generation Network (about 90% of the UK and growing) we offer download speeds of up to 24mbps and upload speeds of up to 1mbps.

However for those users who require a higher upload speed, we now have the latest in broadband technology.

Business Unlimited
Up to 16Mbps download speed
and upload at up to 2.5mbps
5:1 contention
Uncapped usage allowance
Dynamic IP connection

Need a faster connection FTTC Broadband (fibre to the cabinet)


A reliable broadband connection is at the heart of a business. As more products and services are run and managed online, and customers expect to be able to find your online presence, it makes sense to have the best possible connectivity in place to make this happen.

At Connect-it, we know about broadband. It’s necessary to run the hosted phone services that we provide, so we are careful to work with our customers to make sure that the right service is in place.

For most businesses, there are four options available:

  • Standard ADSL broadband
  • Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC, or “Superfast”) broadband
  • Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) broadband
  • Leased line

More of the UK can access FTTC connections, but there are still gaps in the network. ADSL cannot always provide enough bandwidth, as demand for the resource grows constantly.

Contact us to find out about availability, and to discuss the best service for your needs

Not sure what’s the best service for you? Click here to read more about different types of broadband line. Connectivity Info Page.