3 Ways Professional Voice Recording Can Help Your Business

Does it make a difference to you if you hear a professionally recorded message when you call a business?

Your business’ phone system or mobile phone greeting is typically the first point of contact between your company and your customers. The greeting message used here can make or break the customer’s experience on a call. Here are 3 Ways Professional Voice Recording Can Help Your Business:

1: Making Your Business Sound Professional to Callers

You might be surprised to hear how much of an impact a professional voice recording can have on the opinions callers have about your business. A recording made with top-of-the-line recording equipment using industry-leading voice talents can provide your business with the professional-sounding voice and tone needed to impress customers.

Users of professional voice recordings have noted how much customer attitudes towards their business changed after implementing a professionally-recorded greeting. To customers calling these businesses, the sound of a high-quality recording is a sign that the business they’re calling is stable, established, and reputable.

This helps set the right tone for customer interactions, adding credibility to a business in the eyes of customers.

2: Avoiding Potential Legal Issues with Voice Recordings

Some businesses may try to record their phone system greetings in-house. However, this can cause problems later. Aside from the issue of amateur recordings not sounding as professional as recordings done by an experienced actor using top-of-the-line sound equipment, there may be legal issues.

For example, say the employee who created the voice recordings later quits or is terminated. Who has the legal rights to those recordings? Without some kind of concrete contract, the ex-employee can cause legal issues for the company if the recordings aren’t removed.

This can leave a business in the lurch at an inopportune time.

With professional voice recordings done by a third party, however, such legal issues are avoided entirely.

3: Getting Help Filling Out Your Phone Greeting Script

Lots of small business owners aren’t entirely sure of what they should record for their phone greetings. Important informational messages such as business hours and locations get forgotten. In extreme cases, important call flow messages such as menu options might be skipped accidentally, leading to an incomplete system greeting that frustrates customers.

Connect-it and our Professional Voice Recording company can help businesses fill out their phone greeting scripts with:

  • Examples of existing messages
  • Call flow charts that visualize the whole call flow; and
  • Service and support to guide businesses through the process.

These helpful resources can be useful for ensuring that a business has all of the message recordings they need to provide their customers with a complete call flow.

Remember, if you don’t want to pay for a professionally recorded welcome message, you can record your own, but if you do that be prepared. Have a script, be somewhere other than your car (yes we have all done that!) and BREATHE!! We have all heard that welcome message on an individual’s phone that is spoken so quickly that you miss half of it. Before you start, put yourself in the shoes of the listener.

Are you speaking slowly and clearly; is there any background noise that could interfere with your message; are you letting the caller know who you are; are you giving them a call to action as you are not available? Another number, an email address, a request to leave a message? Remember to limit the number of ‘erms,’ ‘okays’ or mispronounced words and slip-ups! Listen to what you have recorded before letting it go live … Just a few obvious things to remember if you decide to do it yourself.

Learn more about how professional voice recordings can benefit your business today! Give us a call on 03456885122 and we can help you discover the benefits of having a professionally recorded message along with other SME business services.

Call Recording Now Mandatory To Keep Lawsuits At Bay

3rd of January was a pivotal date for UK financial industries. Under new legislation that came into effect on that date, all calls have to be recorded if you are giving financial advice that leads to a trade. These calls also need to be securely stored for a minimum of 5 years. Failure to have the correct recording feature installed into your phone system could result in a fine of 15% of your turnover! A good incentive to get it right.

Connect-it hosted phone systems are equipped with an FCA-compliant recording and storage service. This mean you would be fully compliant according to the FCA requirements. To store 5 years of data will be a challenge to traditional storage solutions and you will need to be able to locate down to sentence on any call in that 5-year period. Can your current system do that and if it does, is it a quick and easy process? If you are still using Legacy call recording solutions, the cost of which are generally very high, require expert personnel, software licences and, the hardware itself … plus a well- maintained contract.

Our hosted phone systems take that extra worry away and as I said, fully FCA Compliant.

We work with a recording system called Dubber which uses a native cloud based platform and has:

  • No CapEx
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • High Security
  • Rapid deployment
  • Innovative functions which include Playback and Intelligence, an open API and Lab (API – Application Programming Interface)

What are the benefits of call recording software for everyone?

There are many reasons to consider phone call recording for your individual storage facility, a collection of properties or an entire brand. Whether company policies have been modified or you’re looking for another way to increase rentals, call recording can be a valuable resource for self-storage owners and operators. Here, we cover five ways your business will benefit from recording system software.

1. Customer Satisfaction

One of the most beneficial reasons to utilize call recording is to improve customer satisfaction. By monitoring interactions between your employees and customers, not only can you highlight quality service performed by your staff, but you can also resolve customer complaints before they become larger issues. With continual observations, your employees will be led by example and customer satisfaction will increase. Here are Connect-it, all calls are recorded and can be pulled up to resolve any disputes very quickly which again, can avoid any prolonged customer service issues.

2. Quality Control

Call recording can assist in the reduction of entry errors. While most information exchanged at storage facilities is done in-person or online, call recording software allows information to be saved for review, so important details, such as credit card information or rental quotes, are not mistyped, lost or forgotten. Quality control not only saves time and money, but also ensures professional, reliable service.

3. Sales Training

Monitoring facility phone calls can improve customer satisfaction and quality control significantly, and the same information gathered during the process can be utilized for effective sales training. Gather samples and schedule staff meetings on a quarterly basis, so you can demonstrate to your employees what is expected and what needs to be improved. Use examples of quality service during company training sessions of new team members, as well.

4. Performance Reviews

Facility managers can use call recording as a tool for performance reviews. By analysing past and current recordings, managers and supervisors can compare individual staff progress to company standards. Monitor daily calls and inspect the quality of service with ease, so your employees can receive feedback on their performance while also obtaining guidance on how they can improve. Staff reviews are a key aspect to the above-mentioned benefits of call recording.

5. Corporate Liability

Small or large, all businesses have the potential to face threatening lawsuits – even in self-storage. A simple miscommunication, can lead to a much more serious problem. Professional call recording is a proactive way to prevent liability. By analysing specific recordings, your company can defuse many scenarios, and avoid potential (and costly) lawsuits.

There are many technological services and tools available to improve operations within the self-storage industry. Phone call recording is an easy way to observe performance and make suggestions for improvement.

Contact Connect-it on 03456 885 122 to learn about our call recording software and have a complete telecoms health check at the same time!

Is your Business Phone System up for Renewal?

Have you considered the technology changes within the telecommunications industry since your last investment? Do you know what is available in 2018?

Keep your Business Phone System up to date whilst increasing your client satisfaction level! And … lower your telecoms costs at the same time.

In today’s business environment each and every business runs the risk of losing clients simply by not answering incoming calls. Whilst you may consider that clients may call you back, can you be sure they will?

Before renewing your next contract, consider the benefits of The Inbound Solution (Download free information pack – PDF)

Missing a call will be a thing of the past. You now have the ability to divert all calls to an alternative line, quickly and easily, either online or through the iOS or Android app.

Give your business “Extra Presence” with Number in a Box.

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Connect-it: First class service for less than a first-class stamp

And so it begins again … A New Year, a New Challenge

We had an extra long holiday this year as the Guvnor took the family skiing, so we are just back today. There is an air of expectation that this year, we are going to fly …

I have been reading all the latest reports on the changes in technology over the past year and it is staggering that so much is happening. From the race between the phone manufacturers to have that something different to bringing out two phones in a year trying to beat the competitors with the latest innovation.

Today I read about the new foldable OLED TV prototype; yes, honestly a foldable TV. I have to ask myself why would we need one but hey, each to their own. Phones not to be outdone, also have the foldable phone also in development. I hear The Samsung Galaxy X could arrive in December with a 7.3” foldable screen. Then again it might not!! Why would you want one? Answers on a postage stamp!

We saw the launch of the first £1,000 phone with iPhone X – as well as the return of the much-loved Nokia 3310 – priced at around £50. Compared to the iPhone it’s almost a disposable item – we have disposable cameras, could phones be next?

I’ve not seen any improvement in the government’s approach to addressing the shortfalls in the UK’s telecoms infrastructure. Lord Adonis called on Ofcom to address the glaring holes in decent broadband coverage. Vodafone announced it will start to roll out its own fibre network in conjunction with City Fibre – but we’ll have to wait until 2020 to see if it has an impact. Let’s hope it starts to solve the issues of rural areas and businesses in city centres and on business parks that lack fibre broadband.

BT announced trials of Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) technology. Why do we need trials? Latvia already has 45% coverage and South Korea 85%. The UK has yet to get above 2%. Could it be BT wants to sweat its copper assets even longer?

Ofcom continued to bottle decisions that would benefit consumers and businesses. Openreach remains joined at the hip to BT. And rather than opening up the market to help sort out the mess of fibre broadband shortages, BT is doing it. Ofcom also reduced the levels of proposed compensation for missed appointments and delays in fixing faults – these don’t amount to a slap on the wrist. The compensation needs to be at a level that acts as a real incentive to improve services.

Roaming charges in Europe came to an end this year, which is positive news. I think it’s a disgrace that we cannot roam for free in the UK. This would help reduce the not-spots we all face when travelling the country. I see this as another example of government and Ofcom not standing up to the networks.

Mobile data traffic continued to grow as the number of texts declined, and the percentage of people not using their mobiles for voice conversation over the mobile networks rose dramatically. The growth of communication apps such as Facetime and WhatsApp are drawing users away from the traditional networks.

Similarly, businesses are giving up traditional lines for SIP and VoIP at a fast rate – almost one in six business phones are connected to VoIP now. Traditional premise-based vendors, such as Avaya and Mitel, are promoting their cloud-based solutions equally, if not more than, the premise option. But claims that the landline is dead are in my view premature.

Microsoft gave up its attempts to become a major player in the mobile space, which in some ways is a shame as I think there is a need for a third option apart from Apple and Android. Many new handsets were launched with varying degrees of success. Google’s Pixel phone had reported issues of screen burning in. Much was made of Apple’s facial recognition yet imagine if you are mugged for your phone – surely, it’s easier for a thief to unlock it by holding it up to you?

Prices seem to rise faster than growth in new features. This is reflected by an increase in people opting for SIM-only deals, which are being more heavily promoted by the networks than before.

In summary the UK remains in the slow lane when it comes to technology. Not much has changed in the last 12 months. Continued uncertainty over Brexit remains the biggest concern – overshadowing some of the telecoms issues. However, we need to address the issue of poor telecoms infrastructure in the UK if we are to compete on a world stage after Brexit. Waiting until we leave will be too late. On the positive side, individual companies continue to show the ability to innovate despite our infrastructure continuing to slip behind.


Top notch telecommunications: the Office in a Box solution

What’s the next call worth to you? When you’re trying to get ahead as a small business you want your telecommunications setup to work perfectly every time, and have the biggest impact on management and analytics at the best possible price. That’s where Office in a Box comes in. Here is a brief overview of the benefits of this great new system.

The information you need

As well as providing you with all your business phone and virtual desktop needs, Office in a Box supplies easy access to essential analytical tools. You can review full reports on target numbers and time of day figures, easily identify where a caller is located using the heat map, and analyse anything from answer times to recorded calls. All of these features are accessible through a central control panel, so it couldn’t be easier to keep up to date.

Centralised by design

With this system you also get access to great support features for your cloud computing and business phone needs. All billing and management is handled through a single point of contact, and you can get access to system support 24/7, so that means it’s easier than ever to keep your business running efficiently. The straightforward nature of updating phones and virtual desktops means that Office in a Box is a brilliantly scalable system too, so your communications system can grow with your business without the need for expensive office renovations or regular hardware updates.

Safe and secure

When you’re running a small business, a small glitch in communications can have big implications. Office in a Box is built to cope with the demands of modern data exchange. It has a built in disaster recovery system, and top notch security features too. All data is kept securely encrypted and the data centres where servers are located are guarded 24 hours a day. In addition to this, the system runs daily data backup and anti virus procedures, minimising the risks of any event that might disrupt your essential communications.

So whether you’re a business startup, or an established company looking to streamline your system, Office in a Box is the way ahead.

Drop us a line at info@connect-it.co or call us in Kent on 03456 885 122.

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