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That’s it!  November is done and dusted.  How, why, where???  How do I know it is the countdown to Christmas……Amazon.  I think the Guvnors wife thinks we are the receiving dock for Amazon Prime.  The parcels have started.  This week I believe I have taken in at least 11 parcels and you just know, it’s going to be an avalanche down to the 21st.  I will be the package handler from now until we close for Christmas.  I think Mrs Guvnor needs to have her hands tied behind her back or the very least, have her iPad confiscated.

Anyway back to the office where the real work goes on…..

Last week I wrote about how Connect-its new Projects Manager TC and The Guvnor were busy with plans to expand the company exponentially over the next few months.  However, what they were planning to have completed by the end of January, has already come to fruition.  It is so great to see plans being converted into real action.   I have said many times, The Guvnor is a great creator and ideas man but because of the speed he works, things get left behind.  But TC, holds us all accountable and things are moving at an unbelievable pace.  I believe, 2019 will be the start of something amazing for us as a company which ultimately, will have an effect on each one of us because we are a TEAM.  And you know what team means……..Together Everyone Achieves More.

I have delved into my Fit4U box for our next offering.  Today,  I want to tell you about CALENDLY.


How can this help your business?

Calendly is a cloud-based service that sits on top of Google Calendar making it super easy to provide self-service scheduling (no more sending several emails back and forth to find a time that works). Calendly is focused on helping professionals save time and increase revenue.

Here are a few of the main benefits of Calendly:

  • Reduce the friction to setting up a meeting (how many times have you gone back and forth over the phone or email to find a time that works?)
  • Make it easy to cancel or reschedule a meeting (many meetings are changed and Calendly cuts down on the noise)
  • More consistent meeting information and preparation (e.g. you can require certain information be provided as part of scheduling a meeting as well as have different meeting types)
  • Automated integration with other systems like CRM (e.g. when a lead schedules a meeting, put it in

Anyone that schedules meetings on a regular basis (e.g. sales reps, customer success managers, support reps, etc) would do well to put a Calendly link in their email signature and make it easy for prospects and clients to schedule a meeting.

Here are some handy links to help you understand how Calendly works and, the link to get a free 14-day trial.

How to Use Calendly for free to Automate Scheduling video

Calendly Tutorial

click here to sign up for a 14 day trail

Once more, I hope, our little tips and tricks will help you manage your business more effectively, or with less stress, enabling you to spend more time on the things that are important; speaking to your customers!!

More little gems next week.

Connect-it Communications made simple!

About Yvonne Roberts

Yvonne has spent the last 30 years in field sales, working up and down the UK. Deciding it was time retire the poor car before it died, she now is a prolific writer and teacher as well as writing and performing ceremonies as a civil celebrant. This means blogging comes off her pen as natural as breathing! Working with Connect-it gives her a platform to let her natural and alternative view on life to be expressed; as well as an understanding of the telecoms world.

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