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If anyone else posts ‘it’s only 32 days till Christmas’ on social media, I am going to burst my baubles.  Let me enjoy the remnants of Autumn before you start obliterating the colours of nature with the glare of flashing Christmas lights!!  Bah Humbug.  No, I am not a misery, I love Christmas as much as the next person but pleeeeze, I don’t need a countdown on a daily basis, I know it’s coming, I have a granddaughter reminding me every day!  Mind you, we have got our Christmas cards out to start writing in them…..

I was thinking of what I needed to write about and normally, I take my inspiration from what’s going on in the news or what is happening here in our office.  However, I am sworn to secrecy about what’s going on in Connect-it towers.  Needless to say, there is always a plan in action here.  Between the Guvnor, TC and the Flying Kilt, there is no shortage of ideas and plans written on the whiteboards in the office (and there are a LOT of HUGE whiteboards around the office) and we watch as things happen and are documented for all to see.

I have been writing about ‘the plans’ for some time now but you need that one person who has the drive to push them forward and make them happen.  The Guvnor and The Flying Kilt are constantly coming up with amazing ideas but, as they go from one great idea to another, sometimes, the original ones get lost.  We now have TC.  Gulp.  TC is the project’s manager from hell… and he is making things happen super quick.

When it’s a plan, its written in Pink.  When that plan becomes a reality is becomes Blue.  The green ones are just to be discussed and agreed where they need to go.  Its all in the colour here!

Anyway back to today.  I was thinking, one of the great ideas the Guvnor had some time ago was a Fit4U box.  He does love his boxes.  We have the Red Box, the Pink Box, Connect-it Boxes, The office in a Box, and then, the Fit4U box!

So, what is the Fit4U box?  It is a box full of tips and tricks and gizmos that we feel, that every businessman or woman (nned to be PC correct here)  would find useful in the day to day running of their business or even, within their personal life.  Things like when you are out, and you meet someone with no business cards to spare, how to get their details from their one remaining card and get it to link with your CRM system back in the office or, how to make a mini video to promote a product or a service that costs you nothing!!

Today, I am going to share five of the best Wi-Fi File transfer apps for Android phones. They can be used with apple products too but, the processes are slightly different.  Today, it’s all about Androids!

Five of the Best Wi-Fi File Transfer Apps for Android

How can this help your business?

For the last few years, android devices together with the development of numerous applications have changed the face of mobile technology. Long gone are the days where mobile phones were only limited to calling and texting. At present, mobile phones can compete with computers in almost every field such as gaming, internet and multimedia.

Most people prefer using android devices because of various features including:

  • Low costs
  • High-speed CPU
  • Full touch support
  • Large RAM size
  • High camera quality
  • Fast internet
  • Large storage space

Also, a big plus for Android users is the abundance of free android apps available on Google Play Store.

Since Android devices have large storage spaces for storing data, there comes a time you might want to transfer or share the data. In order to do this in a quick and efficient way, you need file transfer apps.

Before other file transfer apps were developed, Bluetooth was the common tool for data transfer. However, sharing many files at once especially large files using Bluetooth can be relatively slow or difficult. Therefore, if you want to transfer data from one Android device to another, WiFi file transfer apps are the best solution.

If you don’t have any transfer app yet below are best WiFi file transfer android apps.


SHAREit is the most popular WiFi file transfer app as compared to other apps. The app is available for free on Google play store. SHAREit uses WiFi direct feature to transfer files from one android device to another. After the devices have been connected, the receiver can see all files in the sender’s device. The receiver can also select and send files in his or her own device without the sender’s interference.


Xender is one of the best WiFi file transfer apps available for free on Google Play Store. Xender allows you to share files from phone to phone. With the app, you can also share files from phone to PC and MAC or vice versa. With a transfer speed of 5-6 MB per second, Xender makes use of the direct WiFi feature of Android devices.


Another amazing WiFi file transfer app is SuperBeam. This android app lets you share both small and large files wirelessly at great speed. Like SHAREit and Xender, SuperBeam is also available for free on Google Play Store. The app can also pair devices with the aid of QR codes, NFC or manual codes. File sharing using SuperBeam is very easy.

WiFi Shoot

Another powerful WiFi file transfer app for Android devices is WiFi Shoot. This app is also available on Google Play Store for free. WiFi Shoot lets you share audio, images videos, applications in form of APK files. You can also transfer other files, big or small by making use of its WiFi direct feature. The app is compatible with Android versions that are 4.0 and above.



HitcherNet is also among the best WiFi file transfer apps available on Google Play Store for free. The app lets you share files from one device to another with the help of WiFi Direct. The best thing about the app is its ability to remember other previously paired devices.

This means the next time you want to share files your devices will automatically connect. HitcherNet can transfer multiple files between numerous connected devices. There are plenty of other free WiFi file transfer apps available on Google Play Store.

I hope you enjoy playing with the above apps…….more next week!  It’s good to share!


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