How Many Minutes Are You Engaging With Your Customers……………And Which VIP Have You Missed?

The fun, human side of me wants to tell you about what’s going on here in Connect-it today but, I have been advised, to keep it professional, SEO rich and relevant!  So here is relevant!

I have mentioned before our sales people are members of various networking groups.  This is a great opportunity for all business to link with others that can help you grow your business.  Because of what they are doing, currently, this is helping me make my blogs more relevant as it is a back to to what they say so they can point their networking groups to the web site.  Not a bad idea!  But, I have said all this before, so I will move on!

We all need telephone numbers to communicate. Fact.  But do you have control over when you phone rings, where it rings?  Do you know where your calls are coming from? Do you know how many calls you missed and how quickly you or your team answer the phone?

If the answer is no, you need one of our Numbers in a Box!

Why I hear you ask; because for £10 a month, you will have the same control over your inbound calls as any large corporation who spends thousands on a smart telephone system!  So, what you do you get as standard with one of our numbers all for £10 per month? (oh and a one off set up charge of £45)

Full Reporting

  • How many calls you have received in any selected date range
  • How many were unanswered
  • Average minutes per call
  • Average time it took to answer the call

  • % of calls answered (this is a really good insight)
  • Total number of minutes used
  • You can download this in the click of a button
  • What area did the calls come from
  • Number of calls from each area

  • Call Recordings & Voicemail – the ability to listen back to all your calls (this is a small additional charge)

  • Mid Call transfers – to another mobile or landline
  • Pre-connection greeting – you can record your own.  Just speak into your mobile, send it via email to yourself, and with your log in details, upload it into the portal and you can assign it to your number; alternatively, you can have nothing, or one of our pre-recorded messages
  • Whisper message so you know where the caller is calling from if you are advertising or, just that it is a business call coming to your personal phone. This will enable you to see where your advertising campaigns are most effective by publications and areas.
  • Number Display – shows the number they are calling from
  • Voicemail – Again you can record your own message or use one of our pre-recorded ones
  • Out of Hours – When do want your business calls to come through to your personal mobile or home phone?  You can programme where your calls go and when.  e. you might have them to your mobile between 9-4pm; 4-6pm to an answering service; 6pm-9am to your home number.
  • You can add up to 7 destinations.
  • Missed call alerts –  If you miss a call, you can have an email sent to you to let you know you have missed a call and what the return number is.
  • Disaster Recovery – If your mobile is lost or you have any kind of disaster where you cannot answer your phone or there is not service, this is a destination that will kick in in the event of…..a disaster!
  • Date Exceptions – Block out dates you do not want to receive calls, so they can go direct to your answer service or your voicemail.
  • Caller Exceptions – Block numbers


  • You have access to all the above so if you want to make a change, it is instantaneous.

All this at your fingertips.  When you take the service out with us. You get a log in and password to your own page where all your configurations are easy to change.

And, if you get stuck, and can’t remember how to do any part of the changes you want to make, you can access videos for each section of the service you need to know.

Alternatively, and amazingly, you can call us!  Real people. We are based in Chatham; there are no options to choose which department, a real human being will answer the phone, and we will help you out.  If we are not available, we do have a UK based answer service 34/7 and in the case of emergencies, they will contact Bryan Davis our MD direct. You will never be without the ability to speak to a human being!

This is a simple and effective system that anyone can use to be contactable, professional and to engage with their customers always.

Call us now on 03456885122 or email us on happytohelp@connect to get fully in control of your telephone engagement.

About Yvonne Roberts

Yvonne has spent the last 30 years in field sales, working up and down the UK. Deciding it was time retire the poor car before it died, she now is a prolific writer and teacher as well as writing and performing ceremonies as a civil celebrant. This means blogging comes off her pen as natural as breathing! Working with Connect-it gives her a platform to let her natural and alternative view on life to be expressed; as well as an understanding of the telecoms world.

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