Still using an old fashioned credit card holder? Ditch it…..

Our office is ablaze with crystal tipped trees, tinsel around every computer and door, reindeers on the dividing glass partitions and even, the obligatory boxes of celebrations on the desk.  One can only assume that Mr & Mrs Guvnor have been hard at it over the weekend.  But, the best touch, is our own personal selection boxes……….ah, altogether……….ahhh.  All because Mrs Guvnor is a chocoholic so assumes, we are too……

What she does not realise is that we did have an email from our in-house Health and Safety officer (the Flying Kilt) a week ago asking if there were any health and safety issues that we thought needed addressing.  I did reply saying the issue I wanted to bring up was that the regular supplies of chocolate and other such sugar-laden goodies could be a serious health hazzard to each one of us.  I have asked for a review in the new year with a view to considering all supplies be sugar and fat-free and possibly with no calories. The reply is unprintable.

The thing I love about our Connect-it office is that we are all very different characters but, The Guvnor has selected well as everyone gets on, genuinely gets on and there is a light-hearted feel to our working day.  Mind you, you couldn’t be offended by the squishy balls thrown about the office as you get to throw them back!!  It’s a fact if you treat people right, they will do their very best for your business and that is a great culture to work in. What was it Richard Branson said, if you look after your staff, they will look after your customers? Simples.

Our Fit4U tip for today is the CamCard App…

What can CamCard do for you?

CamCard is a unique card reader because it is a mobile app rather than a physical business card scanner. After downloading the app to your Android or iOS mobile device, it is instantly turned into a very powerful card scanner. This eliminates the need to pack and carry an actual card reader and is easy to use since all you need to know if how to operate your device’s camera.


Though it’s a mobile app, CamCard has all the important features of a traditional business card scanner. It pulls the contact info from the business card, instantly creates a contact in the program and files it into a format that is easy to pull up later or to send to another program. You can connect CamCard directly to your email program or upload the contact directly into your CRM program if it is mobile enabled. If your mobile device has any of the Microsoft Office programs installed, CamCard can export contact into those programs, too. It will also notify you if your contacts join a new company, gets promoted and other changes in your ability to contact them.

You don’t scan business cards in the traditional sense with CamCard; you use the camera on your mobile device.  This app has been tested with both a Samsung Galaxy 4 tablet and an iPad. With both, there was a little lag time between the moment the picture of the business card was snapped and when it was ready to snap the next picture. We were still able to snap-scan six business cards within a minute, which is a decent amount for a business card scanner mobile app. Even cards that were a little crooked when snapped where automatically realigned to the proper orientation before having the contents extracted and automatically placed into the appropriate text fields.

Since this app relies on your camera, each business card image is in colour and has the same detail that you see on the card itself. Embossing, UC spotting, foil ink and other finishes are not a problem for CamCard to pick up. The thickness of the card is also not a problem, so if you have cards printed on wood, plastic or thick cardstock, this app can still capture the important contact information. It is also capable of recognizing 16 different languages. The only setback of this scanner is that it can’t scan both sides at the same time as some of the best traditional business card scanners. However, you can designate that the image you are about to take is the backside of the card and the app will automatically attach it to the contact file.

PROS / This business card mobile app eliminates the need to carry around additional hardware.

CONS / Duplexing is not an option with this scanner.


The CamCard business card mobile app is very easy to use and convenient to take along with you without having to worry about carrying along additional hardware. It auto-populates text fields and creates a contact for you to save to share with additional devices or programs, including your CRM program. Since it is a mobile app, it doesn’t have duplexing capabilities, but you can snap a picture of both sides of the cards and have both connected to the same contact in the program.

How to use CamCard You Tube Overview


Like all the things we post, you should always do your own research because things change so quickly so what is relevant today and up to the minute info, can change in a heartbeat!

See you next week with another Fit4U tip






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