The Route of a Call into Your Business – Easy or Fraught with Obstacles?

So, like most companies with a sales team today, we have our sales people out and about at various networking meetings.

For our team, BNI is one of their preferred places to network although they do attend other events and are members of several organisations.  Networking is their lifeblood and the fastest way to meet prospective clients.  Prospective clients are not always the people they meet at their networking events, but it is the people the members know.  The way we see it is networking gives us access to a much wider audience than we could possibly see in one day and those we network with are almost, our own sales team!

Today the team had their 60 seconds to stand up and promote our company to the room…..and this was how they introduced us……

We are Connect-it. We are business communications specialists

How did you get to BNI today?

On an A Road? Let’s liken your single standard telephone line to an A road. Red lights, Slow, congested, cannot always get through. Frustration for anyone calling you.

Our IP based phone systems provide highways for your business. From 3 lanes to 12 lanes on every handset. That’s FAST COMMUNICATION lanes. 3 handsets = a 12-line non-congested highway for businesses to improve their customer experience.

There are 13 BNI members here today. That’s a 156-line highway. That’s not the M25 in rush hour.

Connect-it. It’s good to talk. It’s better to communicate.

This presentation was brought about from an internal conversation between our sales team and each of the admin team about how we saw communications.

The story that came out from our director was this…

The Journey of your Clients in-bound call to you (comparing a Car Journey with a Sat Nav)

Does he arrive at your phone call in a good state of mind or is he frustrated and flustered – Think of the snow conditions of earlier this month….was your journey smooth and without incident or were you disgruntled when you arrived at your destination?

Client calls in – he has set his Sat Nav to get to the right destination (jumped in car, put your post code in of where you are going, we know now we are going to get there a little bit like a call coming in you know you have called the correct company.

You set off on your journey and get caught in a traffic jam, the company you are calling is engaged.  But that’s okay, a new Sat Nav takes you around the traffic jam, your client is calling one of your competitors, alternatively, they could have reached a traffic light caught on amber, this is call waiting, we know we are going to speak to them in a moment. 

You move along, you are given an alternative route by sat nav.  You select your option and you have ended up in accounts not sales.  This could mean reversing up and go back to where you started or an easy transfer on the phone system.  Now with most Sat Nav’s, you are able to prioritise your routes you want to take, this means avoiding things like A roads or toll roads.

Conventional phone systems are like you’re A roads where as a hosted system is a prioritised 6 lane motorway. We are sure we know which one you would prefer to travel on. Now occasionally you may have to collect someone on route, not always easy to do however, all handsets in hosted are able to do 3 ways calling so you can collect your passenger without slowing down.

Time of day routing, if anyone of you have used Waze as a Sat Nav you will know you can select the best time of day to avoid traffic.    A little bit like programming the system for day time messages and night time messages for your voicemails. Oh, by the way, those voice messages can find you by being emailed to you, now what’s the worst thing that can happen on this journey?

You can break down; you have a fully loaded car and you have lost most of your luggage on the road.  Let CIT be your AA or RAC and being your disaster recovery service, we can divert those calls while you collect your undies from the outside lane.

With this story in mind, we all felt this explains the intricacy of making a call………there are so many variations and unless, you have the right system in place, you could either lose your client en route to speaking to someone in your company or, when they reach you, they are grumpy and less likely to hear what you have to say.

Just an innovative way to tell a story about a business; don’t you agree?  What is your companies story?

About Yvonne Roberts

Yvonne has spent the last 30 years in field sales, working up and down the UK. Deciding it was time retire the poor car before it died, she now is a prolific writer and teacher as well as writing and performing ceremonies as a civil celebrant. This means blogging comes off her pen as natural as breathing! Working with Connect-it gives her a platform to let her natural and alternative view on life to be expressed; as well as an understanding of the telecoms world.

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