Top notch telecommunications: the Office in a Box solution

What’s the next call worth to you? When you’re trying to get ahead as a small business you want your telecommunications setup to work perfectly every time, and have the biggest impact on management and analytics at the best possible price. That’s where Office in a Box comes in. Here is a brief overview of the benefits of this great new system.

The information you need

As well as providing you with all your business phone and virtual desktop needs, Office in a Box supplies easy access to essential analytical tools. You can review full reports on target numbers and time of day figures, easily identify where a caller is located using the heat map, and analyse anything from answer times to recorded calls. All of these features are accessible through a central control panel, so it couldn’t be easier to keep up to date.

Centralised by design

With this system you also get access to great support features for your cloud computing and business phone needs. All billing and management is handled through a single point of contact, and you can get access to system support 24/7, so that means it’s easier than ever to keep your business running efficiently. The straightforward nature of updating phones and virtual desktops means that Office in a Box is a brilliantly scalable system too, so your communications system can grow with your business without the need for expensive office renovations or regular hardware updates.

Safe and secure

When you’re running a small business, a small glitch in communications can have big implications. Office in a Box is built to cope with the demands of modern data exchange. It has a built in disaster recovery system, and top notch security features too. All data is kept securely encrypted and the data centres where servers are located are guarded 24 hours a day. In addition to this, the system runs daily data backup and anti virus procedures, minimising the risks of any event that might disrupt your essential communications.

So whether you’re a business startup, or an established company looking to streamline your system, Office in a Box is the way ahead.

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Yvonne has spent the last 30 years in field sales, working up and down the UK. Deciding it was time retire the poor car before it died, she now is a prolific writer and teacher as well as writing and performing ceremonies as a civil celebrant. This means blogging comes off her pen as natural as breathing! Working with Connect-it gives her a platform to let her natural and alternative view on life to be expressed; as well as an understanding of the telecoms world.

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