Tracking Numbers & Inbound Services

Service includes
✔ Route calls to up to five devices
✔ Display caller’s number
✔ Voicemail to email
✔ Pre-connection greeting & whisper message
✔ Out of hours options
✔ VIP numbers
✔ Call reporting
Optional Extras
✔ Call recording
✔ Regional routing
✔ Call queuing
We supply both geographic and non-geographic numbers covering all areas great for marketing.
Simple to use, effective and giving you complete control

Connect-it offer a full range of non-geographic and geographic numbers all at fantastic rates. If you have a number that originated with another carrier, Connect-it are able to port this to one of our preferred carriers.

Inbound numbers are useful for a range of operations, including:

  • Wider geographical footprint

If you are in a particular telephone area code, but want to appeal to customers in other areas, you can advertise with an inbound number that allows them to contact you wherever you are.

  • Identify which advertising channels work best

You can advertise one inbound number on your website, another on your van and a further number on your leafleting or magazine ads. Using the Reporting tool on the portal for managing your numbers, you can see which channel is the most effective in producing the best results, allowing you to optimize your marketing budget.

  • Routing calls to the right staff

Use one number to direct incoming calls to your sales team, while a different number reaches the support agents. Each number can direct calls to up to six different numbers, wo this is an ideal solution if your staff work remotely.

Numbers are usually set up within 24 hours (moving your number from another carrier will take longer, depending on the carrier).

If you want to move location and keep your local number please contact us for details.