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It’s been a long time.  Too long in fact.  Our blogs were being recognised as something you could read over a cuppa knowing you would learn something but with a quirky smile at the same time.  Legions of marketing companies have attempted to control what and how we say what and who we are, but we are rebelling.  We are going back to the things that make us feel comfortable and more importantly, show who we are as a company.

I believe its time to re-introduce our team, some who have actually grown up over the past year and have been transformed from one alter ego to another!

The Guv’nor is still the Guv.nor, we can’t let him off that position or we would all be up the swanny without a paddle.  We still have the Flying Kilt, the Secret Squirrel and myself although I am no longer a child but am now an even more annoying adult, so my Biscuit Basher status has changed.  I am now, the OAP……honest I am.  Then let me introduce you to our newest member, TC.  I can’t tell you why or I will have to remove you.

As always, the plans for growth are afoot, well more than a foot, more like a mile long!  Not a day goes by when the Guv’nor hasn’t got another plan, a very cunning plan at times.  Us minions have to listen, learn and follow where the great man leads.  And we love it!

Connect-it Communications.  We have come up with solutions for many industries over our 10 years in business.  We look at what challenges an industry has and find the solution as they are often universal.  For example, garages, care homes and solicitors have very specific needs which we have identified.  With the supporting platforms we have behind us, we can build systems that give our customers what they need rather than making do with what is available generally in the marketplace.

Right now, we are working on systems that will help the care industry to comply with the CQC recommendations of Data Security and Confidentiality along with improving technology overall within care homes for the millennials.  Many care homes have antiquated internet and limited availability for their service users.   Many will be concerned about the cost of upgrading their technology within the older homes.  We have solutions that will make the transition quick, easy and very economical in comparison to more traditional methods.

We want to be part of the solution to the challenges that many care homes face in upgrading their current phone systems and internet connections.  In light of that, we are going to be touring the UK next year in an effort to show that there is a way this can be done that will not upset the day to day running of their homes which would ultimately upset their service users, and,  at a cost that will not break the bank!

Watch this space!


So, with this in mind, if you are still using one of these……..

Sending text message or emails with this system…

You need to be talking to us! We are your solution provider to the problems you don’t realise you have!

We are, Connect-it Communications, Communications Made Simple




About Yvonne Roberts

Yvonne has spent the last 30 years in field sales, working up and down the UK. Deciding it was time retire the poor car before it died, she now is a prolific writer and teacher as well as writing and performing ceremonies as a civil celebrant. This means blogging comes off her pen as natural as breathing! Working with Connect-it gives her a platform to let her natural and alternative view on life to be expressed; as well as an understanding of the telecoms world.

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