Why do I need call reporting on my phone system?

“I have staff in the office during opening hours and they’re pretty good at answering the phones, making calls and generally keeping things running. Why would I need any more detail on my calls?”

There are several excellent reasons for it! Even if you’re not running a call centre, which is the typical environment for call reporting programs that show live call statistics on a dashboard that is often displayed on a large screen on the wall, many businesses can benefit from greater analysis of their call traffic.

A typical dashboard


Even in a business with only a few phones, there is real value in analysing the performance of your staff, and how they answer calls. If it is important to you that your customers can reach you quickly, and that their calls are dealt with efficiently, then details of how your staff perform is vital. From the overview shown above, you can drill down to look at aspects including:

  • Reporting on individual users
  • Identifying trends in performance
  • Avoiding missed opportunities through analysis of unreturned missed calls
  • Reducing manpower costs by minimising wastage
  • Improving manpower planning and forecasting
  • Managing staff workflow by designing shift patterns based on call volume and duration
  • Performance reporting for senior management
  • Effective performance monitoring
  • Campaign management

When your business relies on a high number of calls being made, rather than received, call reporting becomes a critical tool in evaluating performance. Call centres have used this for years, and staff are gauged – and rewarded – on the stats achieved on the board. Smaller businesses can do the same.

Triggers for underperforming users or departments can be set so that real-time improvements in
service can be managed.

The dashboards on many systems can also be configured to include alarms for issues such as call
levels falling below, or rising above, set threshold levels. Management can be alerted via email, and
different thresholds can be set for different days. Fraud detection rules can be set, and alerts for
these also sent to relevant managers.

Integrating call reporting into your hosted phone system couldn’t be easier: the software, like the
phones themselves, is cloud-hosted, which means you do not require dedicated PCs, servers or other
hardware on site. It can be implemented within a day, and be operational across as many or as few
users as you require. Flexible structuring means that users can be added or removed quickly. For a
business that is serious about managing its call traffic, this is a vital part of the communications

Connect-it can help!

At Connect-it, we believe that businesses should be able to communicate whenever and wherever
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